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Evelyn and I are heading to the Kuala Lumpur airport in a couple of hours. We are on our way to Kigumba, Uganda. The last several months have been hectic, demanding, anxious, fruitful, exciting, scary, frustrating, full, draining, etc., etc., etc., but beyond all, very blessed.

All these emotions have run rampant at various times. We are people of faith and trust, but this has all been crazier from my perspective than it has been for Evelyn. I guess she’s more used to it. The time has now arrived for all to come together. There are close to 300 adults and 200++ children awaiting our arrival in Kigumba. Well, not only the arrival of Evelyn and myself. Tomorrow, nine volunteers will begin their journey from the USA with eight joining us from Malaysia and the Philippines, and Wednesday three more join us from Singapore.

On Sunday evening the Kigumba Christian Mosaic Counseling School will be formally dedicated and celebrated African style. On Monday training will start and continue for two weeks. The whole story of this journey of faith is quite amazing. We invite you to join in on the excitement, thus, are sharing three links below to allow you to view the pictures and videos. Please pass them on to your circles.

The planning for this project began many years ago and more earnestly several months ago. Evelyn has, as always, spearheaded the daily planning and development of multiple Global Mosaic undertakings in the past. A frustration of hers has been not having the skill nor time to keep people informed who have given support and shown interest in what exactly has transpired on the field. This time a solution has been found in the capable skills of one of our volunteer members who is one third our age, which gives him a distinct skill advantage. Cole Binion has been assigned the role of social media coordinator. Therefore, we are sharing three ways you can follow us through Google Drive, Facebook, and Instagram. He will be posting stories, pictures, and updates during our time in Uganda. If you are clueless how to access any of these, find your own twenty-year-old.

I do not want to close this before mentioning one other person. Pastor Jimmy Obang in Kigumba, has been the rock of passion and caring for his community. We will share the specifics of his story and how all the connections were developed via our links of social media.

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Thank you, Steve Biles

Kigumba Sunset

Kigumba Sunset

Pastor Jimmy Obang and Family April, 2018

Pastor Jimmy Obang and Family April, 2018