We are sorry! We were looking at our phones and got in the wrong line.  
To be honest, not really sure how to take this.

The story of the  misplaced, delayed bags generated the most responses ever from our followers. You shared stories of lost bags, prayed for the bags, had sympathy, and apparently lost sleep because some of you were writing in the middle of your night. 

The six bags were left in Entebbe as we later surmised. Five came to our homes last night at midnight, The sixth, most confused one, came on the next day. One wheel was lost, but all the contents were intact. 

We had exasperation with the situation but also realize that considering how many millions of bags everyday go through the process of going from point A to point B we really are blessed by modern technology. A few of the munchkins slip away as ours did this time, but seem to find their way home.

As you can see in the picture the three returned to our house are apologetic. Their behavior over the next twelve hours will help me decide which two of these get to go to the USA with me. The third will be stuck in a closet here for five months.

Thanks and I am glad was able to share the good news with you.