Greetings to our family and friends

We will be leaving for the Entebbe airport in 24 hours. Our first flight leaves at 6:45 PM, Thursday headed back through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Singapore. Then the short 50-minute hop to Kuala Lumpur. Our arrival will be 5:00 PM on Saturday, September 6. I know everyone will want to come out to the airport to greet us with flowers and a band, but no need. We will be tired and anxious to head home. But thank you for the thought.

If you remember, in my first post before leaving Malaysia I had outlined “PLAN A” and the expectation of making changes. We ended up with probably “PLAN E” or “F.” Did not keep track. Some of you have been keeping up with us on Instagram and Facebook. You have seen some pictures. Hopefully by next week I will be able to send out to the rest of you a variety of pictures. Waiting for more “oomph “of the internet in Malaysia.

I will share some highlights and achievements in this post.

  1. Dr. Pei Li in the first four days led Youth Camp. Around 40 dynamic young people.
  2. First days Dr. Biles completed credit course on “Counseling Skills” with 24 students.
  3. Brother Lau worked in school office toward his assigned task of organizing and auditing school
    finances. He also coordinated organization and cataloging of the 350 books in the library.
  4. After Youth Camp, Dr. Pei Li is now completing course offering to 8 bachelor level students in
    Group Counseling. They are now taking turns leading a group scenario.
  5. Dr. Biles has been leading courses for 17 diploma students on Biblical Caregiving; Relationships;
    Liability, Ethics, and the Law.
  6. Brother Lau delivered the message on Sunday at church. He also sang softly and played guitar in
    a contrast to the rest of the worship pattern of loud high-volume praise and dancing.
  7. Today Brother Lau is spending time with the school president sharing information from his
    auditing work. A time of teaching and mentoring.
  8. Yesterday, Dr. Biles took one day for an intro to basic Microsoft word skills. The goal is to raise
    the ante for the students. This was an introduction to the steps past paper and pen. The goal is to one day bring online educational opportunity to the school. Even the youngest students have had no exposure to touching a (laptop) computer. For the class, we assembled a motley crew of computers. Our personal, two brought here earlier by GMI for the school’s use, and a couple of borrowed ones from friends. One student even brought a desktop from his place of employment. No mouse, so I ran into town to find a mouse. To give you an idea. When we did get this clunky desktop functioning it was loaded with Windows XP and Word 2007. The screen brought back fond memories. The real brakes to the whole day, however, was the limitations of the Internet. Watching, watching, watching the little rotating circle. The positive take-away was that the students were not discouraged and enjoyed exploring and helping each other understand new skills.
  9. As I explained in the PLAN A, my assignment has been to fill in the gaps. I walk the ladies to class and back, carrying their things. Fix meals when needed. Keep water supplied. Go to print shop to make copies or find necessary supplies. Was recruited for two role plays in the counseling
    techniques class. Provide relaxing entertainment in the evening after supper with games. I purposefully never win to help the other three team members feel good about themselves after long tiring days. Wrote out 3×5 cards on all 350 books to be placed for check-out system.
    We will reconnect again with you from Malaysia.
    Thank you so much, once again, for partnering with us through prayer, support, encouragement, and acknowledgement.

Steve for the 2019 Kigumba 4