The Global Mosaic Team left Kuala Lumpur on Friday, December 27 at 11:00 PM. They flew on Ethiopian Airlines through Singapore; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and then on to Entebbe, Uganda. They arrived at 10:30 AM, Saturday. Uganda is five hours behind Malaysia time and eight hours ahead of the east coast in the USA. The road trip from Entebbe to Kigumba was four hours. 

     The Plan A for this session at Kigumba Christian Mosaic Counseling School is to offer a several day course on basic people helping skills. We never know how many students to expect. A few days before leaving it appeared only ten students had committed. The teaching team consists of five volunteers from here in Malaysia, including Evelyn. So the number of ten appeared to be very small in comparison. This is the factor which makes planning so difficult each time we journey to Kigumba. How many of whatever, either people or materials do we need? Our default answer is that we prepare, God will bring those He wants to attend and we are to be obedient.

     Jumping to the final number, twenty students were in the first session. So a good number. God is good. We have also learned that numbers can increase during the time but the firm protocol now is that no one can join the class after the first day.

     We have been using a primary school building for the teaching venue. It is about 800 meters from the hotel. So a daily walk back and forth for class, breaks, and lunch. 

     There will be a one day break from class on New Year’s day. Too many special activities and celebrations going on in the community. Bonfires of tires is one. 

     Thank you for keeping the teachers  and students in your heart. The return to Malaysia will be January 9. Below you will see a picture of the team, Robert and Becky, Evelyn, Lo, and Mei Leng. The natural beauty of the land is a daily reminder of the majesty of God’s creation. The students, as you can see are engaged. Mei Leng, assisted by Becky and Lo are demonstrating techniques in front of the high tech white board.

We are sending new pics through our Instagram.The link is  below. One dramatic picture is of a crash scene. Blessed that no one was injured. Now you need to look. Please add yourself as a follower. 

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