I realize that we recently sent out an email as our GMI team arrived and started teaching in Kigumba, Uganda. We have been sharing pictures and comments through our social media, but I am aware that many of you are not accessing these outlets. So, this message has two purposes.

Number one: Keep all of you up to date on the activity in Kigumba

Number two: Answer the question which I often get, “Steve, now that Evelyn and the team have gone, how do you fill your time?”

I will address these two items with both the seriousness needed and a touch of humor.

We always want to be transparent. To be honest, the team is exhausted. The days are long. The weather has been the hottest and driest of all the six times we have traveled to Kigumba. A relentless sun has been intense. Some of the team are dealing with health issues. 

There are administrative concerns and continued cultural impact of finding the best and most sustainable path for the Kigumba Christian Mosaic Counseling School. Discouragement for both the team and the students could become an overwhelming reality. As leader, Evelyn has addressed this with the team; Robert, Becky, Lo, and Mei Leng. 

” There is absolutely no way I could have handled teaching this skills course here in Uganda without each of you and your God-given abilities. From the start of devotions, to role plays, to supervision, to servant leadership… I am convinced all is God-planned for these people for this season. Let’s not lose heart but hold faith that what we plant, the Holy Spirit will remind them and keep watering. I can’t thank you enough for coming along!” 

At about the same time as she was saying this I had sent the picture below of the morning glory plant on our balcony here in Malaysia.  Evelyn has been nurturing it but it was drying as she left and has not had blooms for several weeks. Yesterday I took this picture of rebirth with the comment , “Perhaps KCMCS will continue to bloom as well.”

As you receive this email, the team will be heading to bed for the eighth of twelve nights. I know they are feeling some relief as the time ends. But I am also confident they will be feeling sadness in leaving and already making commitments in their hearts to return and continue writing the story of Kigumba Christian Mosaic Counseling School.

Number two: How do I spend my time.

I admit that I always have a sigh of relief when Evelyn heads out on another project. The last days and hours are always full of all it takes to put together each endeavor. I chose not to physically join the team for various reasons. I was not teaching a course, the team has strong and confident members, and I needed to fulfill obligations here in Kuala Lumpur.

They left on my birthday, December 27. And because the USA is 13-16 hours behind us I continued to receive birthday greetings from family and other important contacts like Williamsburg Ford ( where I purchased a truck in 2011 and no longer own), American Red Cross ( for donating blood which I can no longer do because of Africa travel), Regal Cinemas, Air Asia, Ethiopian Air, Advanced Vision ( my ophthalmologist), Panera Bread ( with coupon which will expire before I get back to the USA), and most importantly ( those who know me will attest) from Mountain Dew.

December 29 was our anniversary. So, I needed to receive the congrats for both of us.
I would have survived but also have had 8 meal invites. Keeping up our contacts here. 
Laundry volume has not changed. Evelyn does not sweat here so can reuse things. I change attire 3-4 times each day. And not for style reasons.
Ran a 10KM run in downtown Kuala Lumpur on January 1. Need to keep healthy to keep up with Evelyn.
Arranged for recycling pick up of discarded electronics from here at the house. Had the A/C units serviced.
Updated all the financial accounting for GMI.
Starting the packing for our time in USA.

I know that my list of activities seems quite mundane compared to Evelyn and the team. But as you can see, still important. I am the foot of the operation. Evelyn is the head. And that is Biblical about the body of believers. Each of us is important.

Thank you again for joining us on our adventure and standing beside us with prayer and caring.