Global Mosaic International is supporting recovery work in Puerto Rico – well, sorta.

The island nation has been recovering for several years from extensive damage caused by natural disasters. Many areas are still without power, housing, schools, places of worship, economic support structure, and transportation network.

This is a return to the Caribbean for GMI. A decade ago, a team ministered in Jamaica.

Our current support for ministry construction work in Puerto Rico is from a distance but still vitally essential. Evelyn and I are back in Texas overseeing the development and care of four grandchildren while their parents, Paul (from the cave run) and Kelli are on-site in old San Juan.

Paul is an elder at Second Baptist Church here in La Grange, Texas. This congregation has sent multiple teams over the past several years to Puerto Rico. Paul had gone without Kelli before. It was providential timing for us to be able to handle things here in Texas so they could minister together.

We are receiving great reports from them. Painting and roof construction are the primary goals but because of rain, they have needed to adapt activity at various points.

They left at 6 AM on February 20 and will arrive back here at their house by 9 PM this Thursday, February 27. I assume you can imagine why I am so precise on times. Evelyn and I had nine children, but we were 35 years younger then.

I also know that Paul and Kelli will be reading this and feel how greatly we love them and want to see them soon.

Apparently, the team is staying in housing right on the beach. Paul assured me as they left that it really is a sacrificial ministry of service.

Thank you for sharing this short update of GMI work. We covet your prayers as always and especially over the next three days.

The picture below is of the much-loved and delightful grandchildren.