We have been sharing the work of Global Mosaic International over the past few months. The physical setting for Evelyn continues to be narrowed down to her office here in Yorktown, Virginia. She is behind me now at her desk ferociously typing. And I do mean ferociously. I raise my hand and wait for a pause if I need to say anything, such as, “What do you want for lunch?”

GMI’s focus continues to be directed toward the work and teams in Malaysia and Uganda. In addition, this week, she is in the final days of instruction for an online class with Regent University. She had 35 students to facilitate learning, review papers, and coordinate interactions. She emphasizes learning over just achieving a grade. She has been delighted to moderate this week’s nightly PhD. student presentations and hear their passion for their dissertation topics. We should be in committed prayer for these dedicated and steadfast future leaders.

We want to share recent news from the president of the Kigumba Christian Mosaic Counseling School in Uganda, Jimmy Obang. He is keeping positive amid tough circumstances. Recently he apologized for not completing a task related to the school. He had spent the previous few days searching for food for his family. This gives us perspective!

He has  made himself and other counseling interns available at the request of their local government, to counsel and encourage groups and individuals residing in the refugee facility. We will let him share this story in his own words. Evelyn does not like the accolades you will see, but I will not censor them.

P.O.BOX 106 Kigumba Kiryandongo
24, July 2020.
To Global Mosaic International

Re: Counselling Programs at **Panyadoli Refugee Camp in Kiryandongo Uganda.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank God so much for His Grace upon us and also particularly Global Mosaic International under the leadership of our Mother Dr. Evelyn Biles, whom we honour her with a title Mum, this is due to her motherly heart and the mentorship skills she has continued to render towards us as a school and a nation Uganda.

In fact, Counselling school in Uganda and particularly in Kigumba has done tremendous work in the lives of people here and mostly during this time of Corona virus pandemics.

***Panyadoli Refugee Camp management through the office of Kiryadongo Local district invited our school to go and help counsel their people, who seemed to be losing hopes for life during this hard time.

Panyadoli Camp is located some 35 kilometres away from Kigumba town. The camp has three groups of refugees; Budu people who fled their district due to continuous land slides from the Eastern Uganda, Sudanese who were forced to flee due to the wars in Sudan, and Northern people who came due to the war of Kony in the northern districts.

According to the statistic, from April up to June, at least five or six people starved to death, many cases of divorce, one hundred or even more youth have resorted to drug addicts which has resulted in to theft, robbery or ill manners in the camp, 15 or 20 pregnant mothers lose their lives during or after child birth, widows and people living with HIV AIDS have abandoned taking their drugs which resulted to the death of many people and hence leaving many orphans who walk without cloths, and high rate of alcoholism which has led in to gender violence. Generally, people have stresses and its related illness and trauma.

According to report from one of the camp leaders Mr. Mxx Pxx, “Life used to be fair before Corona virus because they would move looking for food elsewhere in the camp but now we are not allowed to leave the camp, only to wait for Reliefs from the government which sometimes delay or even fail to come or if it comes not everybody will get, those who are strong get it so it terrible with us here our visitors.”

Mr. Kxx Sxx one of the residents, decided to collect all his five children including his wife in the grass thatched house and put fire on the house and he took off to hang himself, sadly two of his children died in the fire the rest were rescued by the camp mates and him was also picked when he was about to die this was due to stress, Mr. Oxx Dxx, a boda boda rider committed suicide and left his wife and four children, widows who are living with HIV AIDS refused to take their drugs.

So we handled cases like those mentioned but glory to God that after our counsel in two weeks time, we were informed that some people are regaining their hopes, Kxx Pxx who had divorced the wife had his wife reinstated to him, widows and others living with HIV are now taking their drugs, people who had abandoned farming resumed, those who wanted to commit suicide have changed their minds and are beginning to live positively, some thirty five youth who were drug addicts abandoned and got other alternatives, and at least there is reduction in the camp war or fight.

We made another schedule on 29, July, 2020.


  • To Global Mosaic International under the leadership of Mum, Dr. Evelyn upon the purchase of the motorbike which is helping us a lot in carrying our student counselors
  • Office which serving as a study room and a counsel room
  • Library which enables our students and other leaders to be refreshed
  • Our beloved friend, Uncle Steve Biles the fore runner and the great encourager of the school
  • Our beloved pastor, Robert Wong. He is an encourager and the supporter of the school
  • All the staff at Global Mosaic International, thank you for your prayer and support you have saved lives here in Uganda may God bless you.

Long lived Global Mosaic International, long lives Mum, Dr. Evelyn we are proud of you.

  • More grace to study and to live a life of Christ
  • More insights, since we are the student counselors, we need more guidance.   

Perspective. We so easily wallow in our minor discomforts. So many of you have supported the work of Global Mosaic International through the years. This is the fruit of your faithfulness.

Here is a link to info on the Panyadoli work:

To a different part of the world. As most of you know, Evelyn grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. Several of you have already reached out in support and prayer concerning the horrific events last week. Evelyn has several close friends and two cousins still living in Lebanon. One cousin lives in the mountains and his residence was spared. His sister lives in the same neighborhood where Evelyn’s family resided. She did have extensive damage to her home but only scratches from flying glass. Both these cousins were already involved in ministry to their communities. They are now conduits for aid coming into the country.

One sweet note which has been documented in the news. Young teams from all ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic groups have been going to houses, businesses, and places of worship to clear rubble, clean blood off walls, and put things back in place. Many times, they are finding ways to get in through broken walls. Owners returning to their homes expecting vandalism or thefts to have taken place, only discover in shock and delight what has been done when they get back. Solidarity of purpose amid such sadness and trauma. The Lebanese people are famous for their resilience. They do not wait for government aid – they do for themselves and others. This story of Lebanon has already shifted to the very back pages of our news. But people are still facing daily challenges at every level. Once again, the concept of perspective.