We agree with this message displayed at a church near our home in Virginia. People of faith must draw strength from the reality that God is in control and that our circumstances are not the result of a non-existent concept called luck. We also know that understanding and accepting this belief is currently a tough sale to those whose lives have been turned upside down and are experiencing both small and tremendous losses
I am hesitant to use the current explanation catchphrase, “welcome to the new normal.” It is not welcoming by any definition and we pray that it will soon become abnormal once again.

But for this update on Global Mosaic International we will share how this “new normal” is bringing modification and reshaping of the ministry.

Not because of “luck” but because of God’s providence, we found ourselves on this side of the world in the USA instead of Malaysia when the restrictive parameters of travel and face-to-face interaction came to all of us. Evelyn’s work and ministry before had been a combination of physical on-site teaching, counseling, and team development coupled with virtual on-line interactions.
She is now limited to being on-line. Instead of travels far and wide by car, plane, train, or bus she now has a five-meter walk from bed to desk. And sometimes she simply stays in bed since many of those with whom she interacts are in opposite time zones. If we sent you a picture of her work here and what it would be in Malaysia at this point – same scene. The only difference would be what you would see if you looked out the window. In Malaysia from the 36th floor, Kuala Lumpur downtown – 12 kilometres away. Here in Virginia at ground level, trees, and flowers – five meters.

An April teaching time in Northern Virginia has been postponed. Physical teaching scheduled in Uganda for May and August is postponed. Kigumba Christian Mosaic Counseling School students have tougher challenges in substituting virtual digital learning for physical face to face. We are attempting to support them to maintain Internet access. They greatly appreciate using the donated smartphones for digital learning. Planned teaching events from June through July in Malaysia have been postponed until 2021

Evelyn is focusing on a continued development of digital web-based teaching for now. Volunteer instructors are taping sessions from their homes, primarily in Malaysia. Administrative details for three formats are in process of formation. School of Lay Counselling, Life Walk Institute, and Psycholedu. This is a learning experience for everyone. The blessing of having so many great people step forward, often out of their comfort zones, has been a great encouragement to Evelyn.

I can say what humble Evelyn cannot. She has been their inspiration and motivator.

Our return date to Malaysia is, of course, dependent on multiple factors. Much to Evelyn’s angst, there is a real possibility that it will not be until 2021.

I, along with Evelyn, deeply miss our friends and life in Malaysia. It has been Evelyn’s primary residence and community for almost 20 years. I know that so many people there have loved and cared for her. She is truly independent, but all of us know that she sometimes forgets that concept of self-care. I am hoping to step up to the task of being her wing-man.

You see below a very odd set of pictures from our kitchen. Probably the only time a picture of a microwave has been included in a ministry newsletter. Just to let you know that a little bit of Malaysia is always with us
Thank you for sharing again in our life. We are humbled and honored.

Evelyn and Steve