Vital Foundation for Girls 2012 Session 3

Vital Foundation for Girls 2012

Session 3

Session 3 was “Building Character and Values” by Wendy Hew. The girls were reminded of the 10 commandments using their hand and finger gestures and were introduced to the six pillars of good character and value. They were asked to write how one shows good character qualities based on:

i) Trustworthy;

ii) Responsibilities;

iii) Respect;

iv) Fairness;

v) Caring;

and vi) Citizenship.

The rest of the days began with a reminder from Dr. Biles on

Why are we here?” – To learn, have fun, and meet different cultures; to build character, to meet new friends, and to note Christ in action.

“What brought you here?” – To help each other, there is a purpose and reason why we are here, we are chosen by God; to be a mentor- we help each other learn to grow one step at a time.

This day’s sessions were facilitated by the U.S.A mother teams.