Meet Evelyn Biles

Evelyn Biles is a frequently sought out teacher, counselor, mentor, and friend of multiple individuals, groups, and organizations. She possesses a unique combination of intellectual acumen, extensive training, practical experience, and clear insight in the areas of conflict management, leadership development, and counseling dynamics. She also has the gift and passion for training and leading others toward acquiring and understanding the knowledge base and skills required in these disciplines.

Evelyn was born and grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. She was immersed in a family and community life of Christian service. Her father, an Armenian physician, co-founded a hospital that, for close to fifty years, served the most economically and socially disadvantaged residents of this multiethnic, multi-faith, and multicultural city. Her mother, a nurse from Missouri, went to the area as a missionary, met and married Dr. Peter Manoogian, and founded a nursing school at the hospital.

Evelyn is the second of six children. At a young age she responded to the conviction of God to His saving grace through Christ. Showing maturity beyond her years she became a leader and role model both in school life and in the community. It was during this time that she first began to disciple young Christians in their spiritual maturing process.

In 1969 Evelyn went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee to begin her studies in nursing. It was there that she met her husband, Stephen Biles, whom she married in 1972. She did not complete her nursing education, feeling this was not the direction in which the Lord was leading her. Stephen and Evelyn had their first son in 1974 with another son born to them in 1979. The direction of their lives together over the following thirty years was to adopt and nurture seven special-needs children of varying backgrounds, abilities, and ethnic origins.

Despite the often extreme challenges and responsibilities inherent in such an undertaking Evelyn was able to reach beyond her family into the community and church and serve as a valuable volunteer in a wide range of endeavors. These included tutoring of youth and adults, directing and teaching educational and discipleship programs, serving as a church treasurer, and in that role, instituting computerized accounting, and chairing a personnel committee which included developing job descriptions, policies, and procedures for staff and volunteers. She also authored, organized, and taught in children’s programs, became involved in medical mission teams in Lebanon and the Dominican Republic, served on evangelistic teams in Europe and throughout these years led women individually and in small groups toward discipline in their Christian walk.

As the last of her children approached his time of leaving home Evelyn made a commitment to complete her formal education. Returning to the classroom after twenty-five years she completed a B.S., B.A. in Organizational Management and Development from Bluefield College. She also earned two masters’ degrees in Organizational Leadership and Human Services Counseling from Regent University. She went on to complete a Doctor of Ministry degree with a concentration in Conflict Management through Trinity Theological Seminary.

Her appetite for learning is insatiable. She is always seeking ways to improve and expand her base of knowledge. This yearning has led her to become certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia in basic mediation and advanced conflict resolution. She also has certifications in the MBTI, Human Behavior Consulting, Basic, Advanced, and Pastoral CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) and training leaders in the Navigators 2:7 Discipleship program. She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), The Alban Institute, and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

Evelyn has had many years of practical experience in all of these areas of study. This has helped her to clearly define her goals for education and her intentions for ministry. Global Mosaic International, Inc. has been her personal calling of how to bring together all of her life experiences and passions toward the goal of teaching, coaching, and mentoring leaders, and counselors in the areas of leadership, conflict resolution, and counseling skills. She is unapologetic in her approach from a basis of Biblical Christian principles coming out of her lifelong faith. She is willing to go wherever she is invited but has strong feelings of special needs to be met in locations outside of the United States with more limited resources and less availability of qualified teachers and trainers.

She presently teaches as an adjunct professor in the School of Psychology and Counseling at Regent University. Her classes both online and on campus challenge students to become global in their thinking and to elevate their expectations of how they can make a difference in their communities.

Evelyn and her husband, Stephen, have resided in Yorktown, Virginia since 1986. All of their children are now living independently with six of them married and blessing them with several grandchildren.